Douglas T. Dinsmoor
 Digital Marketing, eCommerce and Social Media Professional

Lakewood, Colorado 
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Yin Yang
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Yin Yang
Yin Yang

My background, personality, interests, experience and passion have led to the development of a broad range of skills and talents that serve me well in a Digital Marketing environment. In the spirit of Yin Yang, many of my attributes might appear to be in opposition, but are instead complimentary and synergistic. To wit:

Creative / Analytical
I am happiest and most productive in situations that involve strong elements of both the creative and the analytical side, whether it be work or play. I probably have more fun with the creative aspects, but I understand the importance of the analytical side – especially in Digital Marketing – to substantiate and justify the creative efforts.

Strategic / Tactical
I enjoy big-picture, fingers-in-a-lot-of-pies situations, in large part because I enjoy making all of the parts work together effectively and efficiently. At the same time, I love to roll up my sleeves and work on – and thoroughly understand – the details.

Depth / Breadth
I've done a lot of different things in a lot of different places. My experience is both evolving and cumulative, and I can often call on a previous solution to help solve a current problem.

Team Player / Autonomous
I thoroughly enjoy being part of a team, and I especially relish the learning and growth opportunities that spring from interacting with people with backgrounds, experience, outlooks, skills and talents different from my own. At the same time, I'm perfectly happy working as "an army of one," and accepting full ownership of the task or project. I also enjoy a liaison role, particularly amongst seemingly disparate groups, which is a talent that comes in handy in project management.


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