Douglas T. Dinsmoor
 Digital Marketing, eCommerce and Social Media Professional

Lakewood, Colorado 
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I'm a passionate and seasoned Digital Marketing, Social Media and eCommerce pro, and I'm open to new opportunities in Denver.

Core Competencies: I build online communities and drive qualified traffic to Web sites, then induce those visitors to follow a desired path and execute a desired action, up to and including making a purchase. My skill set encompasses the analytical, creative and technical expertise required to optimize the process and deliver solid ROI. I manage projects from cradle to grave: Conception, creation, strategy, design, tactics, development, testing, implementation, analysis and reporting, to post mortem.

In short: I love working with the Internet. I was an early adopter – my work with the Web and eMarketing began in 1995. My background includes vast experience with virtually all facets of digital marketing: email, banners, SEO, SEM, SMM, landing pages, user experience, and more. A strong combination of formal education and a wealth of practical application round out my qualifications.

My Unique Selling Proposition includes being a big-picture, strategic thinker, yet also a meticulously detail-driven tactician. I've managed and mentored staffs as large as 14, yet I'm very comfortable as an “army of one” Subject Matter Expert.

My ideal opportunity is a full-time, permanent position at a forward-thinking downtown Denver company. I thrive on the client side of smaller companies (< 300 employees), but I've also been happy and successful in a client service role and at a Fortune 200 company.

I keep a wide-open mind as to how my skills and talents might be put to the greatest good.

If you have a need for such Digital Marketing, Social Media and eCommerce expertise, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Let's discuss the possibilities.



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